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Current News

Hour of Code Teaches Students Creativity, Problem-Solving

Hour of Code Teaches Students Creativity, Problem-Solving thumbnail143916

Third through fifth grade students at F.E. Bellows Elementary School practiced their problem-solving skills during the Hour of Code, an international event that is a popular feature of Computer Science Education Week, from Dec. 9-13.  

“The children were excited because it gives them the opportunity to focus on different skills,” said Susan Combs, a fifth grade teacher and curriculum leader. “Hour of Code is a nice way to have the school come together. The students have a great time solving computer tasks, and they could all relate to having the same common experience.” 

Throughout the week, students explore a variety of self-guided coding activities, including Minecraft and other exercises that involve a “Star Wars”-based module. The computer programming experience encourages them to challenge themselves, work independently and take ownership of their learning. It also helps nurture their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

For more information on the Hour of Code, visit


Rye Neck Students Display Artwork at Library Exhibit

Rye Neck Students Display Artwork at Library Exhibit photo thumbnail143776

A group of 70 talented art students in grades K-8 will have their artworks on display at the Mamaroneck Public Library’s Warner Gallery exhibit from Dec. 12, 2019, through Jan. 24, 2020. The diverse collection of student works will feature drawings, paintings, sculptures, collage and printmaking projects. 

Art teachers Trisha Appel, Jennifer Dallow, Karen Fontecchio and Dara Goodman, who organized the collection of works, said it was rewarding to provide their students with the opportunity to shine as their artworks are professionally displayed in a gallery setting. 

“It brings together the community as a whole and allows families, children and adults alike to see the amazing, creative work that our students do at Rye Neck,” Goodman said. “Our students show such growth and depth and breadth in their work. I am so proud and excited to be part of such an amazing art program that fosters a deep understanding and appreciation for artists, art movements and art techniques through the artmaking process.” 

Some of the students’ work was inspired by artists, such as Georges Braque, Dale Chihuly, Megan Coyle, Abbas Kiarostami, Peter Max and Michael Scott.

“It is important for student work to be showcased within the community since it creates a sense of pride that extends beyond the walls of the school,” Appel said. “The students were very excited to hear that their work was chosen. It also lets our students see how much we value the work they create by sharing it with the rest of the community.” 


Circus Tricks Enhance Students’ Confidence

Circus Tricks Enhance Students’ Confidence photo  thumbnail143127

Fourth grade students have been mastering their circus skills in collaboration with their physical education teachers and performers from the O-Town Circus Academy during the week of Nov. 18-22. 

Throughout the week, performers provided the students with engaging activities that included juggling, plate spinning, diabolo manipulation, devil sticks, Chinese yo-yo, clowning and stilt walking. The activities were designed to build the students’ self-esteem and confidence while strengthening their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. In addition, the learning experience helped enhance their ability to collaborate with peers. 

“The circus program is a great addition to the physical education program,” said physical education teacher Bryan Iacovelli, who oversaw the program along with fellow teacher Kristin Desio. “It takes the students out of their comfort zones as many of the activities start off difficult, but at the same time they are a fun challenge that the students get excited about and try to conquer. It’s a lot of fun to see a student, who may initially struggle with any activity, show tons of excitement when they finally get it right and master the skill.” 

While all students in third through fifth grade had the opportunity to participate in the interactive workshops, the fourth graders demonstrated their newly acquired skills during a culminating performance at the end of the week. All parents, teachers and peers were invited to the special circus performance on Nov. 22 at the middle and high school gymnasium.  

“The fourth-grade performance is something the students look forward to and get excited about,” Iacovelli said. “We hope it will be a fun memory of their time at Bellows and their entire experience at Rye Neck.” 

The learning experience with the O-Town Circus Academy was made possible thanks to the generous support of the PTSA.