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Current News

F.E. Bellows Students Learn to Craft Stories

Young Student Writing In Her Notebook Photo 1 thumbnail184254
Students Listening To Author Veera Hiranandani Virtually thumbnail184255
Young Student Writing In His Notebook Photo 2 thumbnail184256
Young Students Writing In Their Notebooks Photo 3 thumbnail184257
Young Students Writing In Their Notebooks Photo 4 thumbnail184258
Young Students Writing In Their Notebooks Photo 5 thumbnail184259
Young Students Writing In Their Notebooks Photo 6 thumbnail184260
Young Student Writing In Notebook On A Red Desk thumbnail184261
Young Student Smiling At Camera With A Mask On thumbnail184262
F.E. Bellows Elementary School fifth graders explored the power of language during virtual writer’s workshops with author Veera Hiranandani on May 20 and 21. They completed several activities to learn how to draw inspiration from their daily lives, build their characters and add details to enhance their stories.

In addition to the writer’s workshops, Hiranandani connected with third, fourth and fifth graders during several virtual visits on May 14. She shared insight into the writing process and her path to getting published and discussed her book series “Phoebe G. Green” with the third graders and her award-winning book “The Night Diary” with the fifth graders.

“The Night Diary” has received numerous awards, including the 2019 Newbery Medal, the 2019 Walter Dean Myers Award and the 2018 Malka Penn Award for Human Rights in Children’s Literature.

Fifth Graders Create Original Bird Sculptures

Boy student in red shirt holding a red clay bird he made thumbnail183239
Boy student in grey shirt holding a red clay bird he made thumbnail183245
girl student in camo shirt holding a pink winged clay bird she made thumbnail183246
girl student in dark blue sweatshirt holding a white clay bird she made thumbnail183247
girl student in light blue shirt holding a blue clay bird she made thumbnail183248
Boy student in black sweatshirt holding a brown winged clay bird he made thumbnail183249
Boy student in black shirt holding an orange clay bird he made thumbnail183250
F.E. Bellows Elementary School fifth graders used air dry clay to create original 3D bird sculptures, complete with feathers and branches that they collected from the school’s grounds. The project was part of a unit on 3D sculptures in art teacher Dara Goodman’s classes.

“The idea behind this project was that the fifth graders are getting ready to spread their wings and fly away to middle school,” Goodman said. “I wanted them to take a part of F.E. Bellows with them when they move up.”

Goodman said every student created their own bird, incorporating a variety of colors and textures. Some students sculpted their birds in a nest, while others depicted them perched on a branch.

“The students were excited to take part in a 3D sculpture project and were thrilled to bring their sentimental birds with branches home with them,” Goodman said.

Students Create Posters to Raise Awareness About Coyotes

Student's Coyote Poster thumbnail182978

Rye Neck students showed off their creativity and commitment to their community by participating in the Village of Mamaroneck Coyote Task Force’s “Coyote Safety” poster contest. Forty-eight students submitted their posters, which incorporated images and informative text.

“We saw a wide breadth of style, color and approach,” said Rye Neck Middle School Principal Dr. Eric Lutinski, who organized the contest in collaboration with F.E. Bellows Elementary School Principal Michael Scarantino, the PTSA and the Village of Mamaroneck. “Some students used modern graphic techniques, some used hand drawings, and there was variation in the balance between text and imagery.”

The contest, which was open to K-12 students, was designed to increase student awareness and involvement, address the presence of coyotes in the area and promote safe practices. The students’ posters were judged for clarity of message and artistic effort by Dr. Lutinski and art teachers across the district. The winning posters are on display in each school’s hallways and are projected on video monitors. In addition, the PTSA provided prizes for each first-place winner and runner-up.

Congratulations to the following contest winners:

Daniel Warren Elementary School
• First place – J.R. Diskin, a second grader.
• Second place – Takuto Yoshida, a second grader.
• Third place – Abel Yameogo, a first grader.

F.E. Bellows Elementary School
• First place – Immanuel Tan, a fifth grader.
• Second place – Adriana Pejcic, a fifth grader.
• Third place – Sloane Diskin, a fourth grader.

Rye Neck Middle School
• First place – Airi Ino, a sixth grader.
• Second place – Taylor Vroom, a seventh grader.
• Third place – Kaho Matsumoto, an eighth grader.

Rye Neck High School
• First place – Sofie Thonhauser, a senior.
• Second place – Hikaru Noda, a junior.
• Third place – Monica Kosakowski, a freshman.