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New School Vaccination Requirements

•  Please click HERE to see the new school vaccination requirements which were passed by the New York State Legislature
    on June 13, 2019.
•  2020-2021 NYS Immunization Requirements
•  Please visit our Nurse/Health Services page for the most recent health requirements and forms.

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Social and Emotional Learning (K-12)

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Current News

First Graders Make Discoveries With Magnets

First Graders Make Discoveries With Magnets photo thumbnail179826

First graders at Daniel Warren Elementary School have been learning about the different properties of magnets in their science classes. During a variety of hands-on experiments, they were challenged to make their own magnets to bring their studies to life.

“The students used magnets to see which objects the magnet would attract,” teacher Mendije Perkovic said. “They learned that not all metal attracts to the magnet. Only metals made of steel and iron attract to the magnet.”

They also learned about the magnetic field and discovered how the North and South poles of a magnet attract and repel each other.

“Our Earth acts like one big magnet,” Perkovic said. “The Earth’s core is made of iron and nickel and the outer core is a liquid metal which creates a magnetic field around the Earth. This is how compasses work because the Earth acts like one big magnet.”