Daniel Warren Elementary School

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Jane Scheinman
Interim Principal
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Shortly after 3:00 PM on Wednesday, November 19th, a suspicious incident occurred involving an eleven year old female in the Rye Neck school district. 

The girl was walking home in the vicinity of Wagner Avenue and Frank Avenue when she was approached by a vehicle described as a dark gray sedan with tinted windows. The driver, the sole occupant, was described as a late-30s white male wearing a gray hoodie with the hood up. The man stopped the vehicle, pointed a flip phone at her as if to take a photo or video, and said “come over here”. The girl ran to the safety of a neighbor’s house. The car drove away.

Anyone with information about this incident should call the Village of Mamaroneck Police Department at (914) 777-1122.  
Parents are encouraged to be vigilant for suspicious activity regarding their children and to reinforce basic safety precautions:

Do not talk to strangers
Never enter a vehicle with a stranger
Walk in public areas when possible and walk in groups
If approached by a stranger, run to safety
Try to remember license plate numbers or other descriptive information
Call 911 immediately and report suspicious behavior to the police
Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
Dr. Peter J. Mustich
Peter J. Mustich, Ed. D. 



Please read the attached article in Today Parent.  If everyone who drops off or picks up children at a Rye Neck school followed the “7 Rules” we could make it a STRESS FREE ritual.
Thank you for your continued efforts to keep our children safe.
Jane Scheinman
Margaret Longabucco
Eric Lutinski

7 rules you can not break in the school drop-off line

Daniel Warren Kindergarten Registration Information

We are beginning to plan for our incoming class of Kindergartners for September of 2015. In order to make all the necessary projections and accommodations, we need to know whether you have a child who will attend Kindergarten at Daniel Warren. Any child born on or before December 1, 2010 and living in the Rye Neck School District is eligible to enter Kindergarten at Daniel Warren in September of 2015.
If your child is eligible to attend Kindergarten in the Rye Neck School District in September of 2015, please click HERE to access the form and return it to the Daniel Warren School as soon as possible. Replies may be made by fax (777-4201), phone (777-4202) or email (dhutchinson@ryeneck.k12.ny.us). This information is necessary to keep you informed of important upcoming incoming kindergarten events.

Students born before December 1, 2010 are eligible for Kindergarten in September 2015.  Registration forms are available on the Student Registration page of the RN website.


Healthy Snack and Birthday Celebration Snack Guidelines


Please visit our Nurse/Health Services page for health requirements and forms.

(Please note that there are new health requirements for 2014.)


2014-2015 Volunteer Letter and Application

You must complete an application each year. You only need to complete ONE form regardless of the number of children you have in the district.