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We are beginning to plan for our incoming class of Kindergartners for September of 2020.  In order to make all the necessary projections and accommodations, we need to know whether you have a child who will attend Kindergarten at Daniel Warren.  Any child born on or before December 1, 2015 and living in the Rye Neck School District is eligible to enter Kindergarten at daniel Warren in September of 2020.  Please fill out your information HERE.  Spanish version click HERE.

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Current News

Magnets Help Attract First Graders to Science

Magnets Help Attract First Graders to Science photo thumbnail139075

First graders at Daniel Warren Elementary School – who have been studying about the different properties of magnets – brought their studies to life through a number of science demonstrations and hands-on activities. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the PTSA, the students welcomed a scientist from HighTouch HighTech to their classrooms Nov. 7-8 for a science enrichment program on magnets. The students discovered how the north and south poles of a magnet attract and repel each other. 

“It’s a great program that really involves students in learning,” first grade teacher Dawn Drace said. “All of those hands-on experiments make them feel like they are part of the learning and discovery process. When the students can dive in hands-on and do the activity, it’s wonderful for them and it deepens their understanding.” 

Throughout the lessons, the students were challenged to make their own magnets and discover the different properties of magnets. In other experiments, they were tasked with removing a paper clip from a cup of water without placing a magnet in the water, as well as manipulating a compass’ arrow with a magnet.  


Students Connect the Dots, Patterns to Create Zentangle Pumpkins

1 thumbnail136287
2 thumbnail136288
3 thumbnail136289
4 thumbnail136290
5 thumbnail136291
Second graders at Daniel Warren Elementary School – who have been studying Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama’s artwork – drew inspiration from it to create their own Zentangle pumpkins. 

The students first drew their pumpkins in pencil, then emphasized their lines with a Sharpie marker and continued to work in black permanent ink to create their Zentangle designs. To complete their pumpkin designs, the students worked in watercolors, adding color in layers to develop a sense of shadow and highlight.

“We are further developing their artistic skills by not only focusing on dots, but also use of line, details and patterns by creating Zentangle designs throughout each segment of their pumpkins,” art teacher Dara Goodman said. 

First Graders Spread Kindness With ‘Friendly Monsters’

First Graders Spread Kindness With ‘Friendly Monsters’ photo thumbnail136248

First grade students at Daniel Warren Elementary School – who have been learning about artist Mara Morea, who is known for creating pop art, colorful, painted monsters – recently created their own “friendly monster” projects. 

The students first designed and drew their artworks in pencil before outlining the lines in permanent Sharpie marker. Then, they added color with colored pencils and reflective highlights in the eyes of their monsters to make them stand out and look cartoon-like.

“I created this lesson, which focused on making friendly, kind monsters, to help spread color and kindness throughout the building,” art teacher Dara Goodman said. 

The students’ projects are displayed around the building.