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Advocacy Campaign 2016

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Dear Elected Officials,

In the Governor's proposed budget for 2016-17, our local school district, Rye Neck, has been short-changed again. We are working under a 0.33 % property tax levy cap which means our allowable increase is only $116,690.

Health care costs have increased. Capital needs are more urgent. Our projected health insurance costs alone have increased $377,904—over three times our entire allowable budget increase.

Foundation aid has been frozen for years, denying us proper state support. The Gap Elimination Adjustment, a reduction in aid that began in 2010 when the State was in crisis, has not been fully restored, as was promised. And yet our district is required to spend more and more each year.

While we appreciate the efforts of our Assembly Member Steve Otis and our Senator George Latimer, we still need everyone to step up efforts to resolve our budget crisis. Our kids are being played as pawns in a State political battle. It needs to stop.

Allow school districts to exempt health care costs from the tax levy cap, fully restore the GEA and further, if the Governor’s budget proposal to grant mandate relief to all non public schools is enacted, give the same relief to all PUBLIC schools. These measures will help get us through this current budget crisis and will help every district in New York State.

Be assured members of the Rye Neck community keep close tabs on our legislators. We know who is working with us and who sits idly by while our schools and children suffer. Show the voters you care about our public schools.
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